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What is the Toughest Part of Installing a Garage Door?

You are standing in your driveway looking at where your old garage door used to be. The new one is all ready to be installed but you are feeling a bit daunted. Is it really possible to install a garage door by oneself? What part of hanging a garage door is the hardest? Here’s what you need to know!

Getting to Know Its Complexity

Installing a garage door is a process that involves a number of steps which require accuracy and strength. It’s not as simple as hanging a door on a frame; it’s more detailed than that. So where are the toughest challenges? Let’s figure them out.

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1. The Weight and Size of the Door

Garage doors are heavy. It’s no walk in the park moving a door that weighs a few hundred pounds up and down.

And if the door isn’t balanced and aligned just right, there could be operational issues or worse, an accident waiting to happen. Therefore, having someone else there or better yet calling Garage Door Specialists Seattle will make all the difference.

2. The Torsion Springs

Torsion springs may be the most difficult part of installing a garage door—it’s hard to say for sure since everything about them is so tricky!

These springs hold a lot of tension so mishandling them could be unsafe; in fact if you do not install them correctly they might actually cause harm. Always read what it says on the manual or contact Garage Door Repair Specialist Seattle if needed.


A garage door must have its tracks aligned perfectly for smooth operation. Jamming or inefficient operation will be caused by misaligned tracks.

The walls must be level and the tracks should be attached firmly. This stage is delicate as the slightest deviation might result in future complications. If you can’t handle it alone, consider finding a Garage Door Specialist Near Me Seattle.


It is more difficult to install a garage door opener. It should be mounted properly and connected to the door in such a way that it moves easily when opened or closed. There are electrical tasks involved in this stage which many people find daunting.

For the door to operate well, one has to ensure that s/he has the right opener and all limits are set right too. If electricity is not one of your areas, then again it is advisable to hire a professional for these services.


The weather stripping and bottom seal need to be fixed tightly although installing may seem easy. All components should be aligned very well for this to be effective. This implies that even though some parts may look as if they are not of much importance during installation, they actually are.

In other words, nothing should be taken for granted or assumed at any given time since the success of every step largely depends on how perfectly it shall have been done. Garage weather sealing is necessary so as to keep off drafts, water as well as pests out of this place.

Last Thoughts

It takes a lot to put up a garage door; it could involve multiple steps that each presents different challenges. Although a few steps may be manageable, others can be quite overwhelming not to mention dangerous.

If this is the case, do not force anything instead contact Garage Door Repair Seattle WA experts for help. They have what it takes in terms of knowledge and equipment necessary for ensuring safe successful completion of your project.


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