The Reasons Behind Common Garage Door Problems

Common Garage Door Problems

The Reasons Behind Common Garage Door Problems

If you have been facing some challenges with your garage door or door opener, don’t fret!

This article will help educate you about the reasons behind some of the most common issues so you can solve any garage door problems quickly and easily!

The Most Frequent Problems With Garage Door Openers 

Garage door opener problems are among the most common complaints we receive from homeowners.

There are several potential causes for garage door opener problems. Here are some of the most frequent issues we see:

The Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close

The garage door’s inability to open or close properly can be very frustrating. A dirty sensor commonly causes inoperable garage doors.

The sensors on either side of the door must be unobstructed to function effectively. Use a cloth and wipe the sensors clean of any dust or dirt interfering with their functionality.

If you have cleaned the sensor and the door still has issues operating, you may have a problem with the springs. The springs may be cracked, broken, or damaged if the garage door still won’t open or close. Having the door’s springs repaired or replaced as quickly as possible is crucial since damage might result in a sudden and dangerous door collapse.

The Motor’s Running, But The Garage Door Doesn’t Move

When the garage door opener turns on but fails to open the garage, the first thing to do is make sure you plug the opener into a working outlet. After that, you should ensure the garage door opener’s batteries are still good. If the batteries are low, you will need to replace them with new ones.

Finally, you can test the garage door opener’s power supply by pressing the button on its back. Hold the button for a few moments if the light does not turn on immediately. 

There may be an issue with the garage door opener if the light doesn’t turn on. If your garage door still won’t open or close after you’ve tried all of these things, it’s time to call in the experts for an emergency garage door repair. 

The Garage Door Doesn’t Open Evenly

The opener’s role is to raise the door uniformly; thus, if there is a problem with the opener, the door will open unevenly. However, recognizing the underlying problem may be challenging due to the multiplicity of possible causes.

Faulty tension springs are another significant source of the problem. For example, a broken chain is a frequent cause of an uneven garage door. If the chain that raises the door breaks, the door will only open partially. 

If the tension spring isn’t doing its job, the door won’t open evenly when it closes and opens, and you will need spring repair. Finally, it’s possible that the opening is broken. The door will open shakily if the opener isn’t raising uniformly. 

We recommend giving us a call so we can examine and replace or repair any parts necessary.

The Garage Door is Opening and Closing Too Slowly

Liv garage door | The Reasons Behind Common Garage Door Problemsgarage door wont open evenly

A garage door opener may operate too slowly for many reasons. A few factors may be at play if your garage door moves too slowly. First, ensure the tracks are clear, and there is no debris in the way. If you have cleaned the tracks and the issue persists, the problem is with the opener. 

If the chain on your opener is too slack, you can try tightening it yourself. However, if the opener’s gears are stripped, you must replace them.

Garage doors that move too slowly pose a threat to anybody who is using or near the faulty door. Hire a garage door opener repair agency if you cannot remedy the issue independently.

Problem With a Very Noisy Garage Door

Here are a few tips and tricks if your garage door is very noisy. First, before doing anything else, inspect the tracks and clean them before applying some grease. Next, use a damp cloth or a brush to wipe the tracks of any excess oils.

When the opener makes noise even though the tracks appear in good shape, the problem is likely the springs or the opener itself. It may be necessary to replace the springs if they are old or worn out. Another option is applying WD-40 to the tracks.

Look for damage or wear in the springs, such as cracks or rust, to determine if they need replacing. It may be time to contact a garage door noise reduction service for assistance.

Reasons Why the Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work

If your garage door opener isn’t working, there are a few possible reasons. Here are some most common reasons why your garage door opener might not be functioning correctly:

Unable to Open Garage Due to Faulty Switch

One of the most common issues with faulty switches is simply aging. The switch can lose its functionality with time due to normal wear and tear. In addition, dirt and debris are common contributing factors. 

The failure of a switch can also be due to poor contact between the external switch and the switch’s internal electrical contacts. If your garage door opener’s switch stops working, you’ll need a new one.

If you need help finding a replacement switch or aren’t sure you can install it safely, it’s best to call an electrician or garage door repair service. 

Garage Door Cable Problems

It’s common knowledge that the cables on your garage door are a potential weak spot. There will be a high cost to fix your cables if they break. And if they don’t break, the fraying and damage they sustain might cause significant issues later. 

However, you can do a few things if the cables on your garage door are giving you trouble. First, ensure the cables are in good shape by checking if they have enough oil.

A change in cable tension may be necessary if your problem persists. Because of the added complexity, you may seek outside assistance if unsure how to proceed. 

Lastly, you might have to replace the cables. Getting the cables in the right places might be difficult, so it’s better to have a garage door cable repair pro do this part for you. Having a qualified expert do the replacement for you will ensure safety and that you don’t accidentally damage your costly new parts or any other parts in the process.

Missing or Damaged Garage Door Spring

If the door is making a lot of noise, check the springs to see if they have damage. For instance, a broken garage door spring would cause an audible bang each time the door opens or closes. Call a garage door spring repair company if you think a spring is not operating properly. 

There is a risk of damage if you attempt to solve the problem independently, as springs are under tremendous tension. A trained technician can quickly examine the situation and decide whether both springs need replacement.

The Garage Door Keypad Doesn’t Work

If the keypad to your garage door doesn’t function, troubleshooting can be a major headache. In most cases, dead batteries are to blame when a keypad stops responding. If they are no longer functional, try replacing them to see if the issue disappears. 

It’s also possible that the wiring is flawed. Although this is not very prevalent, it is still something to consider. Start by double-checking the keypad’s connection to the wall power. Then, search for broken or frayed wires. If the keypad is functioning well otherwise, consider unplugging and reconnecting it. 

If neither option solves the issue, it’s likely due to a malfunctioning keypad. To remedy this, go out and purchase a replacement. Keypad replacements are widely available over the Internet and in hardware stores.

Remote Control Doesn’t Respond

Liv garage door | The Reasons Behind Common Garage Door Problemsgarage door remote not working

One possibility is that something is blocking the signal from your garage door remote opener. Moving the remote closer to the opener or removing any obstructions could help if you suspect this may be the cause. A piece of metal or a few boxes come to mind as possible examples.

If you have already cleared the signal path of any obstructions and your remote still isn’t working, it’s time to call a professional to inspect your opener. Don’t lose hope if the remote for your garage door opener is malfunctioning. Several explanations and strategies are on the table. A professional repair technician can help you find the best solution.

What to Do in an Emergency Situation?

Whenever you discover an issue with your garage door or overhead door opener severe enough to require emergency garage door service, don’t hesitate to call LIV Garage Doors; we offer emergency garage door repair in Seattle around the clock. 

Our experts will not only solve the problem quickly, but they may also be able to assist you in avoiding future difficulties by identifying minor issues that could escalate into major ones! Contact us at any time!


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