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How Does a Garage Door Service Seattle Troubleshoot Unusual Noises?

Must noise always be a fearful thing? It can be one of the earliest signs that something is wrong with a system. So, paying attention to unusual noises in your garage is important – this way you can call in a garage door service Seattle and request them to look into the inner workings of your garage door and related expenditure. However, such a session will only be successful if you have a clear idea of what to expect from a troubleshooting session that your care team will conduct. This is why we have brought to you the ultimate list of things to expect!

5 Steps Professionals Use To Troubleshoot Noises 

Garage Door Repair in Seattle
Garage Door Repair in Seattle

The aim of your team working on garage door repair in Seattle is to make the process as time-effective and anxiety-free as possible. They take several steps to ensure this:

1. Identify noise source

They start by looking into all potential causes of noise. This also involves paying very close attention to the quality and intensity of the produced audio – most of the time, experienced technicians can simply listen to the noise and tell you from where it is coming!

Of course, this is not mere guesswork and the technician will typically open up different parts of the garage door system to locate the area from which the noise is being emitted.

2. Inspect moving parts

It is common sense that moving parts generate the most noise. Which area is most likely to emit a particular noise depends equally on the garage door structure. Popular areas your team will look into include:

  • Rollers are metal wheels in tracks, prone to squeaking.
  • Hinges connect panels and can creak if loose.
  • Springs are designed to support weight which may squeak when moving.
  • Tracks are simple guided rollers, and noises are typically caused by misalignment.
  • Old garage door openers are a bit more complex but are prone to similar wear and tear.

3. Tighten hardware

The best way to approach noises is to narrow down the top 3 or top 5 possible areas of concern and handle them all.

Firstly, the technician will inspect and tighten the tracks as well as the hinges that keep the doors going. If a smart device or a complex garage door opener is involved, there is a chance that it might need replacement with a newer, undamaged version. Similarly, they will check whether the springs are too loose or too rigid and fix them.

4. Lubricate components

Last but not least, your garage repair team will select suitable lubricants (usually industry-grade products) and apply them to moving parts and joints after cleaning these said joints thoroughly. Once that is done your garage door is good to go for many months to come.

Final Words

What causes this? Noise issues are typically common in older garage setups and usually occur because of wear and tear, dirt build-up or internal damage. The best garage door repair in Seattle deals with this by diagnosing the problem quickly and communicating with you so that all of you can together determine a suitable solution. Let’s say you are not happy with the troubleshooting process, then you must convey this to your team so that they conduct this process again and this time sincerely.


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