Important Garage Door Safety & Preventive Proper Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Safety

Important Garage Door Safety & Preventive Proper Maintenance Tips

Garage door safety is often overlooked when making a home maintenance or security checklist. However, before you leave for an extended period of time, there are a few garage door-related details to sort out.

Here are a few pointers that ensure your garage door is safe!

The Dangers of Garage Doors in Motion

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Due to their weight and harm potential, garage doors represent a risk if they hit a person or item. Therefore, when using a garage door, it’s crucial to exercise caution and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Particular threats include the following:

  • Crushing: The force of a rolling garage door can cause severe injury or death to anyone standing or sitting in its path. It could be disastrous if the operator doesn’t see the person or object before the door closes;
  • Pinched fingers: A person’s fingers can get pinched if they stick them in the crack between the door and the track while the door is moving. It could cause serious injuries, such as a broken finger or even amputation;
  • Falling doors: If a garage door is not correctly balanced or secured to the tracks, it can drop off the tracks and cause severe injuries to anyone in the vicinity.

You can keep your family secure by following the manufacturer’s instructions, never attempting garage door maintenance and repairs with the door in motion, and keeping children and pets away from the door at all times.

Avoid DIY Cable and Spring Repairs

Due to the tremendous strain of the cables and springs, inappropriate handling might cause catastrophic injury during maintenance. For example, a garage door’s springs and cables must be in good working order to ensure the door won’t give way or fall during use, causing harm or damage.

Furthermore, repairs or changes to the garage door’s cables and springs may also contribute to performance problems. In addition, if a door’s spring is not placed or set correctly, it might cause the door to open and close unevenly, which can eventually wear out other parts of the door.

 A trained technician from LIV Garage Doors will know how to fix your garage door’s cables and springs without risking anyone’s safety.

Garage Security While Traveling

Before going away, make sure to unplug the garage door opener. This precaution can reduce the risk of someone breaking into your house through the garage. Unplugging your garage door opener is a reasonable safety precaution to take for a few different reasons. 

To begin with, a garage door that is unplugged can’t be accessed wirelessly. Any intruders trying to access your home through the garage will have to use brute force to open it. Intruders may think twice about entering a home this way since it draws more attention and involves more danger. 

Second, if you are going away from home for an extended period, you can protect the electrical aspect and reduce fire hazards to your garage by unplugging it. For instance, an unplugged garage door opener will continue working upon return, even if a power spike or loss occurs while you’re away. 

Finally, lock the garage door before you leave. Padlocking the door or installing a security bar or alarm system are suitable precautions to secure your belongings. These options are extra safeguards in case someone breaks into your house.

Safekeeping Your Garage Door Remote

There are many advantages to keeping your garage door opener remote in a secure location, similar to how you would hold a home key. Here are a few examples:

  • Keep it safe: Keep your garage door remotely hidden, just as you wouldn’t leave your house keys lying around. If you lose your garage door opener, a burglar may use it to access your home.
  • Protect it from damage:  Like any other electronic device, your garage door remote is vulnerable to damage from water, heat, and other hazards.
  • Be aware of who has access: Remember who has your garage door remote, just as you would your house keys. If you’re concerned about strangers getting in, you should restrict who has access to the keypad.

The bottom line is that you should be as careful with your garage door remote as you would be with your front door key. Keep it out of the reach of small children and track who has access to it. By taking these measures, you can help keep your home safe and your garage door operating well.

Verify the Status of Your Garage Door

There are several reasons why leaving your garage door open, even a crack, might be dangerous. To start, thieves will see an open garage door as an opportunity to break in easily. 

Second, there is the potential safety issue of a partially open garage door. There is a severe risk of harm or expensive property damage if you leave your door open.

You must also keep your garage door in good working order. Unintentional door leaving is possible if the door doesn’t close or move smoothly. Keeping up with regular maintenance checks and repairs will lessen the chances that your garage door will open inadvertently.

In addition, leaving open access to your garage will also increase the likelihood of experiencing a rodent infestation. Garages provide warmth and shelter from the environment and can appeal to small critters. Reduce the risk of paying for rodent removal or damage done by rodents by ensuring the door stays closed when not in use.

In conclusion, check the garage door before leaving the house. If you do this, you can lessen the risk of break-ins and rodent infestations and keep your family and possessions safer from harm or damage.

Garage Door Emergency Release

Manually opening the garage door is vital in an emergency or power outage. In addition, if you know how to use the emergency release, you can leave your home safely through the garage in the event of a fire or other emergency.

You can find the emergency release cord or handle around the bottom of the external door, and you’ll need to pull it or push it to open the door in an emergency. If you need to remove the pressure quickly, pull the rope or handle down and keep it there.

To open the door, lift it up with your hands. The automatic opener will be disabled when you use the emergency release. You’ll have to manually open and close the door until the power comes back or the problem resolves. It is also essential to test the emergency release regularly to ensure it is in good working order.

Child Safety Concerning Garage Doors

Garage doors pose a risk to children, so keeping them out of harm’s way is essential. Keep your kids safe when near garage doors by following these guidelines:

  • Keep the garage door remote out of reach of youngsters. Children may want to play with the garage door remote; however, it is unsafe. 
  • It is essential to keep children away from the moving garage door when it opens and closes.
  • Teach your children the risks of playing with the remote and standing too close to a moving garage door.
  • Many modern garage door openers already have safety sensor technology, so there’s no reason not to install them. Particularly if you have young children, these sensors can save their life.

Monthly Visual Garage Door Inspections

Liv garage door | Important Garage Door Safety & Preventive Proper Maintenance TipsImportant Garage Door Safety & Preventive Proper Maintenance Tips

To ensure your garage door is in good working order, you should inspect it visually once a month. A visual inspection is the best option to check for wear and tear, such as frayed wires or cracked panels.

In addition, the door may not function properly because of loose hardware or because the tracks need to be correctly aligned. In addition to visual inspections, functional testing of the door at regular intervals can help catch issues before they become serious.

For example, you can check the door’s balance and smooth operation by lifting it up and down manually. You should also test the automatic opener and monitor the door as it opens and closes.

It is crucial to check the door to avoid injury if it is sticking or not closing properly. Working with a garage door company is an excellent way to safeguard your family and property from harm.

LIV Garage Doors: Your Seattle Garage Door Maintenance Service

As you can see, there are many simple options for keeping your garage door safe and under a watchful eye. Using these strategies, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken care of everything back home. If you have any more concerns about the safety or connectivity of your garage door, you should speak with a professional garage door contractor, such as LIV Garage Doors. 

LIV Garage Doors offers garage door repair and emergency services to the greater Seattle area and many surrounding regions. Check out our services or give us a call if you have any questions about the services offered.


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