Garage Door Maintenance: 10 Tips To a Longer Lifespan

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Maintenance: 10 Tips To a Longer Lifespan

Your garage door may be something you use daily, but how frequently do you think about keeping it in working order? Maintaining a properly functioning and long-lasting garage door is as important as maintaining any other aspect of your home.

In light of this, here are ten tips for maintaining garage doors, keeping them in good working order, and increasing their lifespan.

Replace the Weatherstripping

You can reduce the cost of heating and cooling your garage by making it more airtight against the elements. The weatherstripping on your garage door may need replacement if you notice drafts. 

Weatherstripping is the rubber or vinyl seal that covers the base of the door and up the sides. It aids in creating a tighter seal around the door, preventing the infiltration of cold air and the loss of warm air. 

Weatherstripping is susceptible to wear and damage over time, so replace it as needed. Changing out the garage door’s weatherstripping is a simple and fast way to make the door more energy efficient.

Check the Balance of the Door

Liv garage door | Garage Door Maintenance: 10 Tips To a Longer LifespanBalance of garage door

If your garage door isn’t balanced, it could be a severe safety hazard. An unbalanced garage door can fall off its tracks, which could cause serious injury or damage to your property. If your garage door is unstable, it will put unnecessary strain on the opener, which could lead to premature failure. 

You’ll need to test both doors if you have a two-car garage. Start by testing the door that you use most often. If that door is unbalanced, you’ll need a professional to look at it. An unbalanced door is more likely to come off its tracks, which could cause severe injury or damage to your property. 

It’s essential to keep your garage door in good working condition for safety and efficiency reasons. If your door needs to be balanced, fix it as soon as possible. Contact a garage door maintenance service today to have them look at it and make the necessary repairs.

Examine the Auto-Reverse

If your garage door closes and opens by itself, it may be time to check the auto-reverse function. The door’s safety mechanism is supposed to keep it from shutting if something is in the way, although it sometimes malfunctions. Checking the garage door’s automatic reverse is easy with this simple tutorial.

As a first step, clear the area beneath the door’s sensors of any debris. When these sensors detect an obstruction, the door will automatically reverse direction. If there is anything in the way, the door might not be able to close correctly after being opened.

Next, put a block of wood or another object in the door’s path to test the auto-reverse feature. The door needs to halt and turn around, so it doesn’t collide. If it doesn’t, the garage door’s auto-reverse mechanism is broken and needs to be fixed by a garage door maintenance company.

Complete System Visual Inspection

If you own a home, you are responsible for keeping the garage door and all its components in good working order. It would be ideal if you made it a habit to visually inspect your garage door once a month. Although professional tune-ups should occur once a year at a minimum, there are some things you can do to keep your door in good working order by doing garage door preventive maintenance. 

Look closely at your garage door’s springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and tracks to ensure everything is in working order. Check for damage or signs of use, like kinks or frayed wires, sagging springs, or twisted rails. Damaged garage doors should be fixed without delay by a qualified garage door repair service. 

Inspecting your garage door regularly is crucial to ensure its proper function and reduce the risk of accidents. Anyone standing underneath a door that suddenly crashes to the ground due to a broken spring or cable is at risk of severe injury or death. Finding and fixing minor issues before they escalate can save you money and keep your family safe.

Inspect the Cables

One of the very first things to check if your garage door isn’t functioning correctly is the condition of the cables. The door’s inability to open and close properly is often the result of frayed or broken cables, which develop over time.

Checking the garage door cables is simple, even if you have never done it. To begin, you should throw open the door and look at the wires. Check for damage or signs of wearing, like fraying or broken strands. Replace cables immediately if any damage is detected. 

If you don’t, your garage door could suffer even more damage or come off its hinges. You can easily replace the cables on your garage door, but if you’re wary of your DIY abilities, a garage door maintenance service will be happy to assist you. 

Do Some TLC on the Door

If your garage door looks worn, it might be time to give it some TLC. 

Here are some garage door maintenance tips:

  • Inspect your garage door regularly. Inspect for any dents or cracks in the door.
  • Clean your garage door regularly. Use a clean cloth to clear and wipe down the door and vacuum clean the tracks, so they are free of debris.
  • Lubricate your garage door. After cleaning, use a silicone-based lubricant on the tracks and hinges to keep them operating smoothly.
  • If your garage door is making noise, try adjusting the springs. If the noise continues to persist, you may need to replace them.
  • If your garage door opener is having issues, check the batteries and ensure nothing is blocking the sensor. If the batteries and sensor are fine, you may need to replace the opener.

Check the Garage Floor Rollers

Your garage floor experiences a lot of traffic. Vehicles pull in and out of the parking spot, pedestrians cross it, and a wide variety of objects move across it. Inspect the floor rollers regularly to ensure smooth operation. The floor may suffer from subsequent wear and tear.

Rollers are an essential part of your garage door system. They facilitate both the door’s opening and closing motions, and the door’s weight is also partially supported by them. Rollers can get damaged or worn out over time. 

Learning how to maintain garage door rollers is a simple way to ensure your garage door continues functioning correctly. This quick maintenance fix can help you avoid more significant issues in the future.

Use Grease on All Moving Parts

Liv garage door | Garage Door Maintenance: 10 Tips To a Longer LifespanGarage Door Maintenance

Lubrication keeps your door functioning correctly and saves more costly future repairs. If you own a garage door, you must maintain appropriate lubrication of all working parts. You can lubricate your garage in several different ways. You can apply lubricant with a brush, a spray can, or a liquid and cloth. 

Whatever approach you decide on, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Because you don’t need to take anything apart, spray lubricants are practical. 

There’s a strong likelihood that your garage door simply needs lubrication if it’s making noise. 

Secure Your Hardware

The most crucial aspect of a garage door is the hardware. Hardware includes springs, cables, pulleys, brackets, and tracks. Over time these components can become loose or damaged, leading to serious problems.

If you happen to notice any of the following signs, it’s time to tighten up your hardware:

  • The door is making creaking or grinding noises;
  • The door is sagging or drooping;
  • The door is not opening or closing smoothly;
  • The door is off track;
  • There are gaps between the door and the frame.

Clean Up Your Tracks

If your garage door tracks are full of dirt, grime, and debris, it’s time to clear them out! This simple process is quick and can make a big difference in the performance of your garage door.

Start using a vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris from the tracks. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe everything down, removing any remaining dirt and grime. Once the tracks are clean, you can lubricate them with a silicone-based lubricant. 

Keeping the tracks clean reduces friction, making your garage door operate more smoothly. Finally, check the tracks for any damage or wear and tear. 

Liv Garage Door: Your Garage Door Maintenance Seattle

While the measures mentioned above can help your garage door last longer, the most effective method is to get it serviced once a year by a reliable expert team. Liv Garage Doors provides maintenance services in the Seattle area, checking for potential issues and keeping your door operating smoothly for longer. Our team will pay careful attention to every last detail, so you can be assured that your door will function well until your next scheduled maintenance. Contact us to learn more!


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