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Aluminum VS Steel Garage Door Repair Seattle: Which Has Higher Maintenance Cost?

In case you have been wondering how to get your garage door repaired, you must have realized that the raw materials you choose can make all the difference. Two of the most popular choices are Aluminum and Steel.

Since most of us are always on the lookout for time-effective remodeling and repairing solutions, both of these options sound amazing to the modern homeowner. There are also services for emergency Garage door repair Seattle, which will get your door fixed instantly while adhering to all safety and quality checks. But how do you decide which is the best-suited one for you?

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Aluminum Garage Doors

What Problems Affect Aluminum Doors The Most? 

Aluminum doors have their winning points like durability, thermal resistance, and easy maintenance. They are especially vulnerable to dents, whether it be stray balls or high winds and heavy hails.

Harsh summers can reduce the durability of Aluminum. They are more expensive than steel doors, and in case of damage or dents, the cost of repair is pretty high, which a Garage Door Repair Seattle Professional might be able to help you with at a reasonable cost.

Keeping Aluminum Garage Doors in Best Condition

Aluminum is very light which makes it very easy to install, they are also very easy to maintain.

  • Clean the door every 3-4 months.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners.
  • Replace the weatherstripping from time to time.
  • Use proper lubrication to reduce working strain.

Steel Garage Doors 

What Issues Do Steel Doors Suffer With? 

These doors are susceptible to rust and discoloration. Which can also, in the long term, compromise its structural integrity. Steel doors can also develop various kinds of surface damage which affects the structure as well as the look of the Garage Door. The size and strength of the steel door are greater than most of the other materials, but its susceptibility to corrosion requires it to be regularly maintained and taken care of. In case of dents, you can contact and ask for a service Garage Door Repair in Seattle.

Maintaining Steel Doors in Top Condition

To maintain a steel door it needs to be oiled at least twice a year, to keep the springs and hinges in good shape. These steps make sure that your steel door is in top condition and can protect you and your garage for much longer.

  • Sand away the rough spots
  • Clean the door regularly
  • Paint the door again.
  • Perform safety tests in case of unforeseen damages or scares
  • Call an emergency door repair service in Seattle to give you further tips for maintenance and alternatives.

Final Verdict – Which is More Expensive?

Which raw material is better for you completely depends on your needs and limitations! Considering all the factors a steel door can be more expensive, but the cost of maintenance is next to nothing. On the other hand, aluminum can be an amazing solution for regular needs but not for the high-grade safety that steel doors can provide. So, what do you think?


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